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What are the differences between whole grain, whole wheat, and refined wheat?
A wheat grain, or seed, is made up of three parts – the Germ the part a new plant would grow from, the Endosperm or kernel which makes up most of the seed, but contains only a small amount of vitamins and minerals, and the Bran which is the outside layer of the seed, containing the majority of the grain’s fiber.
In the refining process the Bran and Germ are removed, leaving the kernel from which flour is made. After the refining process, vitamins and minerals are added back into the flour.
In whole wheat flour the outside Bran layer and the inside Germ are not removed – but are ground up with the kernel creating Whole Wheat flour.
A whole grain has not been milled at all. Common examples of whole grains are barley, popcorn, brown rice, and oat and wheat grains.

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