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Is there a difference between whole grain and whole wheat?

 Whole grain means that the grain flour used to prepare a product has not been refined, a process that strips the grain of its nutrients. Often times when you see “whole wheat” it means that the bread is 100 percent wheat flour but not necessarily 100 percent whole grain flour. The wheat flour may still be refined.

When choosing bread, you want to look for one that is 100 percent whole grain. This means that it has not been refined, a process that breaks down the grain and strips it of its nutrients. Bread made from refined flour is the white bread that you see on the grocery shelves and while this bread is enriched it is not as nutrient dense as whole grain bread. Many times when you see bread labeled “whole wheat”, it is still refined so look for the words “enriched wheat flour” on the ingredients panel – if you see these words than you are not getting a whole grain product. When selecting bread, choose one with at least three grams of fiber and avoid bread that lists “enriched flour” as an ingredient.

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