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Updated August 10, 2015

(NEW LISTING) 8237 - Phoenix.  Route 8237 is located in Phoenix from I-17 to 43rd Ave and Camelback to Glendale Ave.  This route averaged over $13,500 per week last calendar year.  The major accounts are a Walmart Supercenter, Food City, and Ranch Market.  Grand Canyon University is also a primary account, and recent construction and growth make this account and route an opportunity to increase weekly sales above normal expectations.  Also included are 3 fast foods, 2 restaurants, 5 Circle K's, and 7 Alhambra Elementary Schools.  Asking price is $175,000 for the route.  There are several vehicles that could be selected if needed.  Please contact Tim at (602) 803-0809.

8200/8214 - South Phoenix. Need to sell ASAP! The 52 week average totals for the routes are $9,175 for 8214 and $7,266 for 8200. Would need two people in order to run the routes. Cheapest price for any Flowers route! Need to sell fast! $160,000 for both routes! This route will make money. Call Andy 602-717-6656.

8191 - South/Central - Scottsdale. BIG Route!!!.  Weekly sales average $9,200.  There are a variety of customers within this territory including; Albertson's, Arby's, Bashas', Circle K (7), Fry's (2), Jack In The Box (2), Safeway, Smart & Final. Sonic, Sprouts, Wendy's, and Whataburger.  Also included are several other restaurants, schools, and other food service accounts.  Sale price is $110,000.  For more info contact Sam at (818) 943-3182

8457 - Phoenix.  Great route for sale in Central Phoenix, AZ.  26 accounts that include; 2 majors (1 Costco, 1 Phoenix Ranch), 5 Circle K's, 1 Jack In The Box, 3 Quicktrips, 1 Family Dollar, and 11 schools.  Current 52 week avergar is $11,500.  Asking price for route is $160,000.  Also available is a 2012 Chevy Silverado 3500 and a 2007 28' box trailer.  For more information contact Joana Espinoza at (602) 326-6709.

8206 - Phoenix.  Weekly sales average $9,500.  There are a variety of customer within this territory including; Safeway, Phoenix Ranch (2(), Food City, Circle K (6) Jack In The Box (4), Burger King, Sonic, and Wendy's.  Also included are several other restaurants, schools, and other food service accounts.  Sale price is $130,000.  For more information contact Joana Espinoza at (602) 326-6709.

8255 - Mesa/Gilbert. Good size route. Several accounts, close to depot. 5 majors: Frys, 2 Safeways, Sprouts, and Target. 3 big schools, 5 medium schools, 7 Circle K's, several fast food and popular restaurants. Averages a little over $9,000. Asking $140,000. Price is negotiable.  Contact Ben Alarie (480) 748-0362.

8216 - North Scottsdale.  Geographically compact North Scottsdale Route centered around Frank Lloyd Wright and the 101.  Includes 4 majors:  Walmart Super Center, Safeway, Target, and Albertson's, Restaurants:  Chick Fil-A, 2 Burger Kings, Wendy's, Tom Thumb, and Jack in the Box. 2 schools and 2 Circle K's. Averaging $7500 in weekly sales.  Price is $115,000.  24 ft box trailer and all equipment included.  Contact Ken Cannon at 480.435.1208 for more information.

8223 - Glendale. Territory anchored by a Walmart Super Center. In addition, there are 2 Walmart Neighborhood Markets, 5 Fast Food accounts, 7 schools, and other retail and restaurant accounts. Route averages $9,500 in sales per week.  Asking $150,000.  For more information, contact John Baker @ 623-326-5499. Serious inquires only. 
8242 - Phoenix. Easy compact route in Phoenix. Route includes two majors (Safeway, Food City) also 4  Circle K's, 7 schools, 8 fast food accounts and 6 good cash accounts. Average weekly sales are $7,000+. Asking $115,000 price includes 2000 Ford box truck. Contact Tim at (623) 476-6678.
8197- Downtown Phoenix. Weekly sales avg $9,500. Over 20 accounts, 3 majors (Frys, Safeway, El Super), 7 fast foods, 3 cash accounts, 2 hospitals, 6 Circle Ks, 4 schools. 2005 Ford F250 and 2012 24ft trailer included!!!  Easy route, that doesn't take all day to complete. Get prequalified today!! Everything is negotiable. Asking $135,000. Contact Isaac Moore at 602-561-7248.

8341 - Parker. Great route for sale in Parker, AZ.  24 accounts that include; 3 majors (1 Walmart, 1 Safeway, 1 Bashas') 2 Circle K's, 1 Burger King, 1 McDonald's, 1 Dollar General, 1 Family Dollar, La Paz County Jail, La Paz County Hospital, and 12 restaurants.  Current 52 week average is $9,000.  Asking price for route is $120,000.  Also available is a 28' 2007 International box truck with lift gate for $25,000.  For more information please call Angela 928-486-6229 or Mike 928-208-9473

8264 - Chandler. 5 Majors, 7 fast foods, 4 Circle Ks, 3 schools, 2 resturuants. Weekly average $8,200. Asking $125,000 includes 24' trailer. Please contact Jeremy 602-284-4964.

8219 - North Phoenix/Glendale area. Diversified territory includes 4 Majors, 7 Fast Foods, Restaurants, Schools, and other retail accounts. For information contact Chad Jacobs 602-448-4787.

8232 - Metro Center area Phoenix. Retiring after 19 years. Call for detail. Jack 602.717.0679

8305 - East Tucson. Approximate area bordered by Houghton east to Valencia south to Broadway North to approximate Pantano west. Map can be provided to outline area. Route includes 5 majors: 2 Safeways, 1 Frys, Target, and WalMart. Also has a Jack in the Box, Lucky Wishbone, Happy Rooster (good cash account), 2 Quik Trips, 5 Circle K's, Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Semita Valley & Rincon Vista Schools. Approximate weekly average sales $6,000. Asking $110,000 with trailer & truck. Call Ernie at 520.991.9085 for more info.

8250 - Gilbert/Chandler. Large area with huge expansion and construction ongoing. Route includes Wal-Mart Neighborhood, Safeway, 2 Fry's, Albertsons, and a Target for it's majors. Also 2 Sonics, 3 Burger Kings, Freddy's Hamburger, Dairy Queen, 6 Circle K's, 13 Gilbert/Chandler Schools, YMCA summer school, I-Hop, Dennys, 2 Jack-in the-Box, Arbys, 2 Wendys, Del Taco and a Quick-trip. The 52 wk average is over $10,000.  The price is $150,000 and I am a bit flexible with the 26ft box trailer. There is a 2004 CHEVY SILVERADO 2500HD available at a great price. It has a camper shell on it, runs great and the mileage is 160,000. Interested parties email me at dennisantal@yahoo.com 

8327 - Sedona & East Cottonwood. Beautiful area with a total of 33 accounts. 19 within Sedona (Including Bashas' and Safeway) and 14 accounts within Eastern Cottonwood (Including Food City and Safeway). Current 52 week average weekly sales are $7,936. A 20 foot 2012 Isuzu box truck through leasing with Bank of America is available if needed. Contact Doug Wilkie if interested at (602) 689-9095.

8355 - Tuba City. 23 accounts, averages $5,000 a week in sales, includes 1 major, 2 fast food, 5 schools and 3 restaurants. Short days and good money! Asking $65,000. call Jim at (928) 608-4073 or (520) 247-9747.

Territories for sale are listed here at no charge by Holsum Bakery for the territory owner at their sole request and convenience.  Holsum Bakery is not responsible for the content or accuracy of any sale listing.  Owners may change sale details from time to time without Holsum's knowledge or ability to update this listing.  Therefore, all route sale information should be confirmed by the territory owner.


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